Preston Automatic Driving Lessons
Why Auto?

Quite simply because learning in an automatic car should be a lot easier than learning to drive in a manual car. To start with you don’t have to worry about learning how to control a clutch pedal or when to change gear because an automatic car does it all for you. This should then give you more time to concentrate on all the other parts of driving, which in turn should mean that you can reach the test standard much more quickly than in a manual car.

The bad old days

Years ago when our automatic driving instructor first started conducting driving lessons in Preston he had to have two cars, one was a manual and the other was an automatic. The reason for this was because there was a definite shortage of pupils wanting to take automatic driving lessons. This was probably due to the fact that automatic cars were more expensive to buy, service and insure. However over the past few years the popularity of automatics has increased dramatically.

The good news

Today’s automatic cars are now very popular. Most of the main car dealers have a good selection of affordable cars to choose from. Also automatic cars have got a lot better, most of them now are more economical with better fuel consumption than they used to be.

In America the majority of people buy automatic cars and Americans seem to find it strange that in this country we’re still messing about with a clutch and gears. However the popularity of automatic cars in the UK is growing very fast and this has meant that things have got much more affordable especially automatic car insurance and car servicing

Message from our automatic Instrucror

In my opinion I don’t think I will ever buy a manual car ever again. I find both driving and teaching in an automatic much more pleasurable. If you want to give it a try for yourself and take some automatic driving lessons in Preston with me then just give me a call.

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