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Learn to control the car properly

As soon as you start driving you’ll notice how important it is that you can control the car properly. I’ll teach you how to control the accelerator and footbrake pedals smoothly along with how to steer properly. By being able control these three main controls it will give you a lot more time to concentrate on all the other parts of your driving.

If you are planning to get some practice with someone else I would suggest you practice things such as reversing, parking, hill starts both up and down hills and also the turn in the road. Remember that practice makes perfect

Comfortable shoes

The best shoes to wear when driving usually have flat soles and lightweight.

Wearing the correct shoes while driving will help you get the right feel for both the accelerator and footbrake pedals

Take your time

Take your time with things because there's lots and lots to learn. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself by wanting to get it all done far too quickly. You probably know of someone who only took 10 hours to pass their driving test, you’ll know this because they will have told you many times, however you weren’t there at the time and for all you know they might have had lots of private practice as well. People learn at different levels to each other, so just accept your level, enjoy your driving lessons in an automatic car and go on to become a good safe driver. Also over the years the driving test has changed quite a lot. Today’s driving test is definitely more difficult than it used to be.

Study material

Top of the list is the Highway Code, this little book doesn’t cost much and it is crammed full of rules and advice that you must adhere to. Why not go to the library and see what books they have. However probably the best way to study is via the internet which is full of information about learning to drive.

Please remember though that not everything on the internet is true, so if you are unsure about anything just ask me. At the bottom of this page there are some links that can help you.

Why not try a few questions right now by clicking the following link: Try Our Mock Theory Test

Mock driving tests

Mock driving tests are a very useful part of learning to drive. When you take your normal automatic driving lessons with me they will be conducted within a learning atmosphere. This is because whilst having automatic driving lessons I'll be helping you with advice and often talking you through various situations. However on a mock driving test the atmosphere will be very different, I wont be helping you, I’ll be just giving you instructions and directions for about 40 minutes. Taking a mock driving test will give us both an indication about your current standard and also how you might perform on your actual driving test.

Stories about driving tests

At best most are just a bit exaggerated. The driving test is very straight forward, there are no tricks to catch you out. Also the old story about the examiner had to fail you because they have to fail so many per week is just total rubbish!!! If you drive in the way I’ve taught you and also make all the right moves then you should pass very easily.

Most examiners started off in their careers as driving instructors so they understand how you feel on test day, but remember they have a job to do as well. They are not allowed to help you in anyway, but they are also not allowed to confuse you either.

Don’t tell too many people

Most people seem to ask you about when are you going in for your driving test as soon as they hear that you’re learning to drive. You’ll get fed up with telling them that you’re still learning at the moment. So the simple answer is not to tell them in the first place. These questions can be very tedious and after a while may even become a distraction that could affect your training.

Put your licence somewhere safe

Your provisional driving licence is a very important document. You must take it with you when you go for both your theory and driving tests.

You don’t need to bring it out on every lesson but we will need to see your licence on your first automatic driving lesson and also on the day of your driving test.

Useful Links

Here are some really useful learner driving links:

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